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Continuous Ultimate Rules


1.    Safety: Player safety is most important

1.1. Players will always try to avoid physical contact with others.  "I was going for the disc" is never a valid excuse for initiating contact with another player.

1.2. Players who initiate dangerous plays may be removed from the game.  Repetitive offences will result in a player being banned from LUC.

1.3. Anyone involved in a fight is immediately expelled from the club.


2.    Spirit: Spirit supersedes all other rules in Ultimate

2.1. Ensure all players on your team get equal disc time.  

2.2. Experienced players should teach newer players as necessary.  Improvement of all players benefits the league and the sport.

2.3. Swearing, trash talking and other types of disruptive behaviour will result in the offending player(s) being ejected from the game by the league coordinator.


3.    Roster:   

3.1. Each team has 6 players on the field, in the ratio 4:2 (male:female). Team captains may agree beforehand to play a ratio of 3:3.

3.2. Attendance - all teams are to report attendance to league coordinators before the game begins.

3.3. Subs –

3.3.1.    If your roster is missing 2 or more players of any gender you can pick up players from another team to a maximum number of 7 guys and 4 girls.

3.3.2.   If you pick up any players not currently in the league they need to pay a $10 drop in fee to the league coordinator. (A player who has not played with LUC in the past can have this fee waived for their first time).


4.    Score Keeping  

4.1. Scoreboards will be provided, both teams are responsible for keeping an accurate score

4.2. The score needs to be reported to the league coordinator immediately following the game either in person or via e-mail: leagues<at>londonultimate<dot>ca


5.    Indoor Rules follow the UPA 11th edition rules, subject to the following modifications.

5.1. Continuous Play - To maximize playing time, the 'continuous play' format will be used. This means:

5.1.1.   Pull the disc only to start the game. There is no brick.

5.1.2.   On a turnover, players can bring the disc up to the goal line from the point where it went out of bounds or was turned over. After a score, the disc must be played from where it lies.

5.1.3.   Substitutions can be made at any time. To maintain the gender ratio, girls can only sub for girls and boys for boys. To indicate a substitution, the outgoing player will tag the incoming player at the sideline (or very close to the sideline).

5.1.4.   After a score, the receiver should briefly raise the disc over his/her head (to help the scorekeeper) and then put the disc down on the ground in the end zone where s/he made the catch. The other team will put the disc into play at that location.

5.1.5.   Since there is no pull after a score, each team will defend the same end zone for the entire game.

5.2. Game Time

5.2.1.   Length of Game - Time slots for each game are 1 hour. Games will start at 5 minutes after the hour and the clock will be set for 50 minutes. 

5.2.2.   Time-Outs - Each team is allowed one time-out per game. No calling of timeouts in the last 5 minutes of any game.

5.2.3.   End of the Game - When the final buzzer (air horn) sounds, the game is over. If the disc is in the air when the buzzer sounds, count the catch if the pass is completed. 

5.3. No huck rule: A player cannot throw from a point if he/she is within 20 feet of her/his own end zone.  This line will be marked with cones.  If a player does make this throw and it is caught then the disc will go back to the thrower and the stall count goes down by two.

5.4. Out-of-Bounds - If the disc hits the side netting or other object outside of the field of play, it is out-of-bounds and a turnover results. The roof is out of bounds and this results in a turnover at the point directly below where it hits the roof.

5.5. Foot Blocks - are aloud for Open scramble but not in Coed hat league.

5.6. Ties

5.6.1.   During round robin ties will stand

5.6.2.   During playoffs a universe point will be played to determine the winner if necessary.

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