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The primary goal of the LUC board is to serve its members and ensure they have a fun, safe, respectful time at all LUC leagues, tournaments and events.  Everyone is encouraged to contact individual board members using the links below, or if you prefer to address your comments to the entire board - simply send an email to .

 President: Pete McLachlan
  • Coordinate board activities

  • Correspond with governing bodies (CUPA, ODSA, UPA)

  • Complete bids and grant applications

  • Manage insurance policies and strategic partnerships

Treasurer: Leo Chen
  • Manage all aspects of LUC financial obligations

  • Coordinate yearly audits and tax submission

  • Manage bank accounts

  • Coordinate accounts payable and receivable

  • Assist with tournament budgeting and finances

Secretary: Jenn Knoll
  • Manage membership lists

  • Coordinate monthly board meetings

  • Disseminate meeting minutes

Webmaster: Jason Kohls
  • Currently building new website

Public Relations: Scott MacDonald
  • Author press releases

  • Writes articles to sports magazines

  • Explore strategic partnerships and sponsorships

  • Produce marketing materials and seek new marketing opportunities

Merchandise: All Board Members
  • Designs merch

  • Makes partners with producers

  • Orders merch

  • Delivers merch  

Leagues:  All Board Members
  • Ensure success of all LUC leagues 

  • Manage league convenors

  • Manage field space (contracts, rain delays, etc.)

  • Scheduling, coordination

V A C A N T   P O S I T I O N S

 Social Co-ordinator
  • Creates an annual social event calendar

  • Promotes social events in the LUC community via. e-mails, facebook events, and twitter 

  • Organizes social events including

  • Booking venues

  • Managing volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator

Junior League Development
Teaching Development
  • Develops LUC's training program

  • Liaison between LUC and Fanshawe College

  • Produces detailed lesson plans targeted to specific age groups

Sport Development
  • Manages relationships with the TVDSB and Catholic School Board

  • Facilitates clinics and classroom sessions

  • Develops strategic partnerships with city youth organizations

  • assists in development of posters and flyers

  • Liaison between LUC and UWO


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