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Hey LUC!

The new website is live and you are now able to register and pay for your team via our membership portal, Zuluru.

Zuluru is a team management software used by a number of Ultimate Clubs in Ontario.

Whether you are a captain or a regular roster member, you will need to register through Zuluru. To do so:

Navigate to > Current Members > Create Account

All players will also be required to sign the waiver/accept the membership agreement. This can be found under Registration > All events > LUC Membership Agreement. This will allow you to join your team roster.

If you are a captain, once you've registered:

a. Navigate to Registration > Registration Wizard > And choose either the Monday or Wednesday League

b. Fill out the Team Details and follow the payment prompts.

NOTE: You can pay in online, cash/cheque (in person) or EMT to

Once that is finished, your team members will still need to make an account in order for you to add them to your roster.

If you are a regular roster member:

a. You will have to register yourself as a member on the LUC website.

b. Your captain must send you an invite to join their roster.

NOTE: No fees are required as your captain should have paid for the full team fee.

For captains who have paid on the old website or to Pete directly, all you will need to do is register yourself in our membership portal and we will ensure you are registered and have a spot.

That's it! If there are any questions, feel free to post in the Facebook group or to reach out directly via

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