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Welcome to our new Juniors/Youth Development program for London Ultimate.

Our goal is to help youth athletes develop their Ultimate Frisbee skills, so that they can go as far as they like in this sport. Play for their varsity team, play for their local club touring team, or even play for Team Canada some day. All while sharing our love and passion for this sport.

The London Juniors Development Ultimate Program aims to grow and support competitive Ultimate for junior players in the London area. We are focused on Junior & High School (U20) age players, aged 13-19 years old. Youth interested in improving their skills, and in joining a competitive team this season, or in the future, are encouraged to join.

We will meet once or twice a week, and focus on skills development, strategy, and Ultimate conditioning. A typical evening will start out with active warm-up, foundational drills, theory-instruction from coaches, skill-focused drill, and finished with a scrimmage.

We plan to enter some juniors tournaments, play some exhibition games against other Juniors teams, and hopefully compete at the Ontario Provincial Championships.

Unlike the high school division, which is mixed gender ratio, juniors has two categories: women's and open. Everyone will practice together, but will play on their respective teams at tournaments.

More information, including days, times, and location, will be updated soon.

For more information, please contact Devin Hanes